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I’ve been interested in fashion since I can remember and have been working as a Fashion Stylist with some great talents along the years, who choose me for the quirky way I translate client’s needs and expectations.

I have worked with great photographers, such as F&D, model and singer Thaila Newton and make up artist Becks Buki. And many more creatives. Every project brings me great excitement and I enjoy the whole process, from the very first concept right to the final outcome. I feel blessed to see it coming to life, getting creative behind the scene.

I bring a range of quirky fusion-style influences to my work and I am passionate about collaborating with creative and multi-cultural teams. Drawing on my Art Studies and my Sinhalese/Italian roots, my work translates in an multi- ethnic warm feel or in a more contemporary baroque style.

If you are looking for a quirky, multi-ethnic fashion stylist art director for a photo shoot, a catwalk or simply need a styling consultant then you have landed on the right page!