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It seems like you would like to know a bit more about me, so Thank You! Here I am!

I am of Sinhalese origins and was raised in a boutique town in Italy, called Montecatini Terme, so my background is pretty much East meets West, a fusion-like style of life! My roots, coupled with my Arts Studies and an out of the ordinary search for ... well ... the extraordinary, have been the stepping stones to my professional journey.

Needless to say, I have been lucky! My Sinhalese origins have 'gifted' me with that stress-free, calm and positive problem-solving approach so crucial to the very fast-paced, tension-building job I do.

On the other hand, my Italian up-bringing has been fundamental to the development of my creative out of the ordinary quirky sense of style.

I won't be bothering you with 'name dropping' or boring lists of clients I have worked for but if you want to know more check out Collaborations.

Whether you looking for An art director for Fashion Styling Project, or your Wedding Day, a Shop Opening or a Fundraising Event - to name a few - just get in touch!

Looking forward to knowing your story and how I can help you to make your project come alive,


Don Thushari

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